(Latin) migrate

A relational database migration tool, written in Crystal. It uses the cql framework.


migro currently only supports YAML migrations of the form

  version: 0.1
  - # ...
  - # ...	

The metadata.version is optional, but if present, then migro will validate that it supports the given YAML migration version (currently, only 0.1 is allowed).

Both changes: and up: are arrays of Migration Commands.

changes: are meant to hold migration commands that can be automatically rolled back. Currently, only create_table is allowed.

up: are meant to hold migration commands that will only be applied when migrating ‘up’ or forward.


Migration Commands

migro currently only supports three migration commands:

Create Table

A create_table command takes the form:

  - create_table:
    name: table_name
    - # ...

Where each column has the following fields:

field type remarks
name string required
type SQL type required
size int applies to CHAR and VARCHAR, mainly
null boolean whether NULLABLE or NOT NULLABLE
primary boolean specifies the column is a PRIMARY KEY


An insert command takes the form:

  - insert:
      table: table_name
      - column1: value
        column2: 123

Which is equivalent to the SQL:

INSERT INTO table_name (column1, column2)
VALUES ("value", 123);


A sql command takes in ‘raw’ SQL:

  - sql:
      ALTER TABLE params
      ADD CONSTRAINT params_unique_code_and_name UNIQUE (code, name);

The given SQL is executed ‘as is’.